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Liar, liar

Kamil Amin

For how long will the Iraqi government and authorities keep lying? They should be hospitalized because their noses are 10m long now. Reading the statement of Kamil Amin who has a very long title, the Director General of the Department of monitoring performance and protection of rights in the Iraqi Human Rights Ministry, Is so frustrating and stressing. I was speechless with anger because he was lying and giving proof of his lies. But what can I say? We are proudly a country that has a human rights and migration and migrants ministries. People like Amin, the minister of education and the minister of interior, should be prosecuted for sharing the crimes, lying and stupidity.

Let’s read Kamil Amin’s interview on, but before that let’s remember that he denies that there was any killing case has been registered or there is any knowledge of victims or contact with any of the effected families. You can read the article here

Kamil replied as an answer for the question about what the Ministry of Human Rights did for the phenomenon of Emo,

“Unfortunately partial Media and rumor succeeded in the intimidation of citizens, and was a violation of human rights and at the same, this issue was exploited, by some radical groups, and gave them the green light to terrorize citizens “.

So there was intimidation, violation of human rights and terrorism by some radical groups on citizens.

And he says,

“We in the Ministry of Human Rights to have information on Emo since June 2011 and worked with the Ministry of Education and we are convinced it is not widespread and is a condition experienced by adolescents between the ages of 12-17 years and the young man at the age of 18-19 years would  leave it.”

So what was that “work” between them and the Ministry of Education? And why are they so concerned about the Emo to keep following it as a highly important case for a year? Is that so dangerous to cover on all the crisies that Iraqis are suffering? What about the people who had to leave Iraq and got no support from the human rights ministry? And what about the jobless youths who graduated and had no work and no financial support from the government which spends billions of dollars on stupid things instead of helping these people to get even a simple life?

The whole education system is corrupt and in its lowest level, they even canceled the art and sport classes and replaced them with shiiat rituals ones.

Then he says, “The Emo may get used to physical contact, or the promotion of drugs”

What kind of “physical contact” he is talking about? And is the Iraqi community clear of using drugs? He knows that this is not true, they don’t suck each other’s blood and they don’t use drugs.

This guy needs to suck some blood because there isn’t any in his veins to feel ashamed of what is he saying. Because next he proves he is saying garbage,

“there was no spread of the phenomenon of Emo in Iraq, but they are individual cases and most of them just do not go beyond fashion imitating, which is not aggressive on the contrary, we found that a lot of Emo have a talent for example, of poetry, drawing and some of them are superior and they imitate Emo only in terms of dress, accessories, and even that most of them do not know the meaning of this culture. We asked the Ministry of Education to activate the role of social and psychological investigator. ”

He just said “The Emo may get used to physical contact, or the promotion of drugs” and then he says “most of them just do not go beyond fashion imitating’ ‘we found that a lot of Emo have a talent’ ‘they imitate Emo only in terms of dress, accessories, and even that most of them do not know the meaning of this culture”

Is he serious or drunk? Maybe He used some drugs before this interview so he doesn’t know what is he talking about.

Then to make this more ridiculous he says, “Emo is a phenomenon to be between the ages of 12-17 years, and if it continues with the teenager after this age, it will be a medical condition and the parents should send their children to doctors, psychologists to avoid its continuation.”

God bless your soul Freud it is good that you died before reading this otherwise it would have killed you.

In an explanation for the names that hung on the walls in some areas of the capital Baghdad, he says, “we asked the interior to follow-up these bodies and to know their sources and motives”. But why did they aske that? Let him answer you with another bombing answer, “Because the presence of such cases leads to weaken the government”

So it’s for the government’s sakes not to protect innocent people.

But that wasn’t the last joke. He says,

“The sites of anti-Iraq, the views of media and the Internet succeeded in deluding the officials by some information that is away from the facts.”

Who are these anti-Iraq? And what does that term mean anyway?

The entire world is talking about what is happening. And the pictures and videos of these horrific actions are everywhere, but he still impudently says, “There are not any cases of murder and this was confirmed by the Ministry of the Interior. Through ministry teams that exist in various areas of Baghdad, we wanted to monitor a single case to get to the people or the deceased’s family or someone who was killed for being an Emo, but we have not found any case. ”

Go to google man, it’s free and full of facts or don’t you know how to use the computer? Go ask the education ministry for help. Oh no, they have so corrupted and untrustworthy system. Sorry man you are just in trouble because you have to ask one of these talented Emo to help you in your search.

People who lead Iraq now, need a medical help desperately. First, an Ophthalmologist, because they are so blind. Second, a psychiatrist because they are so mentally sick. And third, someone to deal with their noses which they are growing long from their lies.


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