The opening

                I was thinking of what to write in my first opening. What people want to read about and what they will think about it. Then I asked myself, why are we obsessed of what other people think? Why we are always have to say what they want us to say and wear what they like us to wear? We always behave as we expected to and do things the way that we think the others will find it right. But is it right?

We have to pretend that we are somebody else or get married just to hide our reality and satisfy others. That’s why many gay people pretend that they are straight to avoid the bad judgement. They could be politicians, artists, actors, lawyers, doctors, etc. but they still hide themselves to protect their image and maintain it infront of people who they think they are more important than them.

And we are so obsessed with that image, we spend a lot of time infront of the mirror, do we look good? Is that color suits me? What people will think of if I went to my office wearing this shirt or this one? Am I fat, slim, tall, short, big, small? And that takes the whole confidence from us. The most successful industry is the beauty, where everybody wants to look good and hot, he should be the sexiest man alive and she should be like Angelina Jolie. Botox, plastic surgeries, fancy clothes an endless list of beauty products counts on our lack of self-esteem and the race to perfection.

But we forget that wearing what we like will look good on us because we feel good about it. In the process we forget who we are and what we are for what the others want us to be.

But the question is why my life should be anyone else business? He is not going to live it instead of me or returns the days that I’m losing keeping him happy and me miserable.

Few people who skipped that and lived happy and gained success in their life.

Being you is so difficult sometimes, but is so necessary to live.



4 responses

  1. Just write what’s on your mind, don’t think too much about what other’s will think.

    1. I already did my friend. Thanks for the visiting my blog

  2. Write whats on you heart!
    Its great to support gay rights in this way!

    1. I will. Thanks a lot

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