Saif a victim        They say it started 30 days ago but my information says it was long time before that. A new wave of hate crimes against humanity in Iraq and the target is two groups, the LGBT and a group called Emo.
I was waked up on horrifying news and photos by a friend who told me about these crimes. And then I read this call from a girl who identified herself as “Angel” wrote on yahoo;_ylt=AjgoZIpICBfdTHm95zSbqETT5gt.;_ylv=3 :
‘Ok so I’m Iraqi girl and I know”emo” and I was one for a while … to be honest i like the style a lot. The new generation in Iraq is different. We are open-minded. Lately emos are being killed in Baghdad by the ”bricks” or ”blocks” the ones they use for building; they hit them on their heads till death!
Then she says:
‘117 kids is killed so far in just 3 days!! Some of them they don’t even look emo, I just can’t wait to leave this country for good! i just want to know what do u think about it? I know that emo kids are not wanted in many places but do u think it’s worth to reach killing them?? I think it’s horrible!!’
She is confused like everybody else what to do or where to go. These are so peaceful people are getting killed for being themselves and hurting others.
Who are the Emo? Why and how they are getting killed?
Emo is a group of young men who listen to heavy music like hard rock, metal and heavy metal. They dress and act in different way from what people used to. They like dark clothes, rest covers, sometimes tattoos and long hair. People call them vampires, devil worshipers and queers.
They have been harassed by people and judged for how they look. You will say this is normal in any community, and that’s true but going to muskrat them this is totally unacceptable. The worst thing is that this happening on the hands of the government itself. The police and the security who they supposed to protect people are killing them blissed by the prime minister whom I like to refer to as the ‘crime monster’ Noury Alamiki and his people.

The crimes started about more than 2 weeks ago but the press didn’t start to talk about it until 3 days were the amount of murders raised to more than 90 people.
Most of the young men even if they are not part of that group went to the barbers and cut their hair short because they were scared if they didn’t do will get kidnaped, tortured and then killed by the most horrible way, hitting the victims head with a big rock like these ones used for building and smash their heads to death. You can see it here in this picture of Saif the first victim of this new wave of crimes.
Alsharkia tv channel said that 90 men at least have been killed at the 7th of march and no one knows who is behind that. Lists hanged on the walls in common places. Alrusafa side of Baghdad is where the most crimes happened but Saif was from Alsader city which a Shiia area. Alkarada, Palestine street and Al-shaab had their part of the terror too. As they are mainly the Emos exist.
According to Safia Sohail, an Independent deputy in the Iraqi Council of Representatives many students have been kidnapped and more to come as the security forces putted informers among them in the schools and universities to report about who belongs to this group, which is reminding us of what the old regime used to do. That was the Nazis way too.
We need to stop these crimes and protect the minorities in Iraq.
Nobody knows what the exact number of the victims is until now as the killing is continuing till this moment and more next to come.
A new terrorist government!!! Is that what Iraq was looking for after Saddam? Killing bunch of innocents will solve all the problems and crises?
My question is what if the short cut didn’t suit the security and the government measures what people should do?

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  1. Thank you for starting this blog and providing Westerners with more information about your lives in Iraq. I belong to a group called Gays Without Borders and we are based in San Francisco, California. We have staged solidarity rallies in the past on behalf of gay Iraqis, and we are interested in organizing again for the Iraq gay community. Please take care of yourself. Stay in touch with me via email: .

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