New emo and LGBT massacres wave

A new killing wave against Emo and gays will be lunched this week, M who is a community committee member says:

‘They posted a threateningpaper gives young men and women in schools, universities and colleges four days to stop this behavior or they will be killed by the brick. The interior ministry knows all about that for a long time

M continues:

‘An officer in the interior ministry told me in person that they collected information about Emo and they have a full list of the member’s names, they know everything and they are blessing what is happening

‘It’s bigger than it looks’ M says.

 How big is it? We can imagine that if we knew that the government itself entangled and they are observing the operation by themselves. Let’s listen to Ammar AL-hakim, one of the power Shiia leaders talking about Emo in the cultural week in a video on youtube at 26th of February 2012. The title says, the media center for the high Islamic board Presidency. I will quote all his speech:

Ammar Al-Hakim on youtube, Emo is a dangerous phenomenal See the video here

 Ammar al-Hakim

“There are a strange Social phenomena started to appear in our Iraqi community. Phenomena are so far from our Norms,Traditionsand the religious and ethics Constants that our community believes in. and these phenomena are spreading among youths and adolescent of both sexes, like the Emo phenomenon and other ones. The community security today is facing a shock when these phenomena and behaves spreads among our dear youths. It’s represent a misunderstanding for technology, freedom and opening etc.   we are with evolution, modernity, opening and freedom but these terms have limits, boundaries and frame it should Uniform according to them, like other countries which exporting these phenomena to us, in these countries these terms have their own frames, boundaries and conditions. How it comes that they are in Iraq without limits or conditions?

From my ethical and social responsibility position, I forward my call to the Iraqi decent families and to the media channels and to the civil community organizations that concerned in following these social cases. I speak to them and ask them to be careful of these kinds of phenomena and putting the right treatments and studying the reasons behind these phenomena, not by violence but by thinking and culture and right process because they have Devastating influence on our community constrictor”

A threatening paper has been distributed in three areas in Baghdad, Alsader city, Gayarah and Palestine street. Everybody saw it but the Iraqi government and the authorities

No comment.   He was talking about how Emo affects the Iraqi “pure” community in a very bad way, as if he agrees about all what is going on and he believes all accusations against them are true. He left all the crises that Iraq is suffering from, corruption, the terrible education system, as if he was speaking innocently. He didn’t say killing them is wrong and haram because if he said so his followers will stop the massacres, but no, he wants it to continue until the decent Iraqi families treat their “sick” children and cure them from Emo and homosexuality – the diseased phenomena he really is referring to. He mentioned the word phenomena about 8 times and how bad is it in 2 minutes… In all his speech he was concentrating on how this phenomenal is bad and has a devastating influence on the community.  All this in order to justify what is happening to the victims as if it is their fault they are getting killed. It was like he is saying, if they didn’t behave like that we won’t need to kill them.

A guy has been captured a week ago in Alsader city. He threatened 12 men and a barber. The family of one of the victims tracked the calls and caught him. Appeared he is working for Alsader office. Of course the police and the interior ministry who are following these phenomena didn’t interfere and they left it to the families to solve it.

Emo, gay, sunna etc. are not protected. Any one is not shiia is not protected. Anyone who doesn’t belong to a shiia party is not protected. If you are not one them then you are against them and if you are different then you are their enemy. New dictator culture has been forced on the Iraqi community.

As the sun rise, the world is waiting for a new massacre against the phenomenal.

Reas more on gaystarnews


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  1. I would like to watch the YouTube video. Please share the address for the video so that everyone can see with their own eyes what Ammar AL-hakim looks like and hear his voice, even if we don’t understand Arabic.

    1. The blog has been updated with the all needed links
      Thanks a lot for visiting

  2. Thank you for sharing the link to the youtube video and the photos, and just being so brave with all the tragic death and fear surrounding you all. My group Gays Without Borders is organizing a solidarity protest this coming week to show public support in the streets for the gay, emo and goth communities of Iraq. We will keep you informed as our action develops.

    1. Thanks a lot I wish to know what exactly the plan to post about it in my blog to show our comunity that we are not alone

      > —– Original Message —– >

    2. Thanks a lot for you support
      I wish to see more people coming to my blog and sharing it. Just to tell the world about what is really going on

  3. Thank you so much for writing about this. I’m a blogger who writes frequently about attacks on youth culture in the West, but also in the Middle East (particularly the waves of arrests of metalheads in Lebanon). I’m so heartsick over the news of what is happening to youths in Iraq right now. I’m planning to blog about this tomorrow morning and am wondering if there’s anything I or others in the west can do to help reverse this situation. I’m happy to do whatever I can.

  4. The New York Times today prints a story about the targeted murders of gay and emo people. Check this out:

  5. This is the link to the Gays Without Borders announcement for our March 14 vigil in San Francisco:

    Please cut and paste the entire post to Rainbow Iraq.

    1. Thanks a lot

      > —– Original Message —– >

  6. thanks for a very important blog. keep it up!!

    1. Thanks a lot for your support guys

  7. […] Feb. 26, Ammar AL-hakim, a powerful Shia leader, gave a speech on YouTube in which he called emo culture a “strange social phenomena” that is “spreading […]

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