Hitting all the birds with one brick

A new victim of Emo youth was found dead with his had smashed with a brick in the Almansour district of Baghdad yesterday. Everybody is scared and no one wants to talk about it. They made this boy, like others, open their mouths as if they are biting the road walking side and then hit them with this brick until they die. Every time I think there are no more horrible ways to kill people, they invent a new disgusting one. It reminds me of old days when the Baath people ruled Iraq, every time someone wanted to get rid of someone else they accused the person of communism, soon he vanishes without a trace.The Iraqi government is doing nothing, not even a statement to comfort people as if it wants the situation to get worse. But why the government will want that to happen?

There are many aspects of what is happening in Iraq:

  1. Religious, the shiia believe in violence and it is holy for them. It is part of the culture, just see how they hit themselves with big knives and chains to purify themselves. That comes from feeling of guilt, that they didn’t share the of fight of their king Husain about 1400 years ago when he has been killed.
  2. They believe that killing the enemy is a right thing to do. No talking or understanding, no, only killing will solve the problem. Because for them anyone who doesn’t believe in their case or act like them is an enemy.
  3. In their opinion and that is dictated by their leaders, the enemy’s women and properties are right to be taken. They are in a war with everyone who is not one of them.
  4. The main thing is to revenge on the Sunna, because they don’t believe in King Ali and his son Husain and killing them is the holiest thing.
  5. They fight each other over the power now. Who is the most powerful and who is going to be the leader.

A few days ago Muqtada Al Sadr was deliberately calling to support the “shiia people” in Bahrain. There were many protests in different areas and cities, Baghdad, Kirkuk and Kufa the holly city. And they were shouting “people of Bahrain we are one not two”. Observers think that Sadr ordered this less out of sympathy for democracy and more out of a wish to embarrass his opponent Almaliki before the Arab league that will take place on the 29 of this month. So what is that anything to do with the Emo and gay youth massacre?

I think they want to portray themselves to people as the protectors of ethics and traditions, as their leader Ammar Alhakim said in his lecture that I talked about yesterday in my blog.

A member in the Almahdi Army told me that he was beating gays in Iraq, and when asked him why? He said they look so feminine and he ask them why you act like this? Why you get Fucked? And when I asked so what? He said they even takes hormones. He himself admitted having sex with men many times before.

At the same time forcing themselves on the Iraqi community to do what they want. It’s just like either you do what we want or you get killed, it’s our country and our rules. Fighting each other to prove who is stronger than whom. The weakest link in the Arab communities is people who look different or gay, which means they look feminine. When I told a friend of mine to be careful, he told me ‘don’t worry about me they are killing only “Tantas”, we are safe.’  “Tanta” means fag, So their families will feel a shamed to follow their death or ask for revenge.  In return they are saving the structure of the pure Iraqi community. These people knows only blood in whole their life and history and will never get enough of it.

While the Iraqi authorities are doing nothing, not even a statement, there are people from all over the world are fighting to stop this unethical and brutal murders. Thanks a lot to everybody, Dan, Joseph and Tris and of course for all of those people who signed on the website. Here are some of the comments on http://allout.org/en/actions/stopthekillings:

Standing with you until this insanity stops!

Linda from United States

These killings & attacks are the last gasp of a dying breed. Close-minded, frightened men who don’t understand that human life is as diverse & beautiful as all of nature. We see & stand with you.

Joel from United States

Stay strong. This brutality must be exposed so that it can be stopped & the perpetrators punished.

Kerena from United Kingdom

Stay true to yourself and your friends/family, no matter what happens.

Thomas from United States

you are not forgotten. The whole world is not mad in this fashion. you are in our prayers – and we will do what we can

Bettina from United States

Stop the brutal killings now and let people be who they are! They’re not hurting anyone…the killers are the ones doing the hurting!

Dalton from United States

We see you!

Benjamin from United States

Stay strong and true to yourselves, don’t empower these cruel bastards! We will get the freedom and respect we deserve if we stay strong and fight for our rights.

Joey from United States

This is absolutely disgusting, and must be stopped.

Mike from United Kingdom

this is just terrible. All Iraq is going is show how much they are cruel and stupid rather than “perfect”.

Candace from United States

This violence is disgusting and must stop.

Michael from Canada

If only we could stop the stone age mentality. Our thoughts are with you. We are watching…

gaytravellersnetwork from United Kingdom

This is dreadful, no one should have to live in fear. My thoughts are with you.

Leyla from United Kingdom

Stick in there, be proud of who you are and stand up together for your rights.

Julie from United Kingdom

You should not have to live in fear.

Neil from United States

I wish you peace. I wish you hope. I wish you a long and happy life.

Pam from United Kingdom

It is important to understand that this did not happen in Iraq prior to the US invasion. If this is “Iraqi Freedom,” I am French toast.

  Uri from United States

I wish no one would live in fear.

Bart from Netherlands

I stand with love and acceptance having only these words to share as you face the unimaginable. This is a crime against all humanity and civilization.

Mary from United States

This is unbelievably, unspeakably awful. To have a gang of “religious” thugs persecuting kids just for looking or acting different is horrific. This must be stopped!

Robert from United States

Please find strength in the knowledge there are good people worldwide who want you to be free, and gay brothers and sisters who first cry for your pain, then fight for your freedom!

Peter from Australia

Thanks to everyone


4 responses

  1. hello bissam,

    i am very sorry to read about this death. we appreciate reading what you have to say and learning from you and your friends.

    we are organizing our demonstration for gay, emo and goth iraqis tomorrow, march 14, starting at 4 pm san francisco time, and we very much want to read a statement from rainbow iraq.

    we ask that you write a statement for us to read about the situation in iraq, and get it to us by 3 pm, march 14, san francisco time. we would read your words to the crowd and on our video.

    please help us get your voice and the voice iraqi gay, emo and goth people out to the world. send us a statement expressing your anger, demands, hopes, frustration, dreams, nightmares – what you feel is important to YOU.

    we hope to receive a message from you before our vigil tomorrow.

    thank you for telling the world on your blog about the terrible tragedy taking place in your country.

    best regards,
    michael petrelis
    gays without borders

  2. من هم مصاصوا الدماء في العراق .. الايمو أم المليشيات؟!

    1. I think the answer is so clear

  3. a study in the U.S. recently confirmed what LGBT folks had suspected all along–that the most virulent anti-gay people are suppressing same-sex feelings; what they hate at core is themselves…tragic!

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