We see you, they don’t

As a response to an email from michael petrelis from gays without borders i wrote a speech that hopefully reach them at right time. Here is the email and the speech,

hello bissam,

we are organizing our demonstration for gay, emo and goth iraqis tomorrow, march 14, starting at 4 pm san francisco time, and we very much want to read a statement from rainbow iraq.

we ask that you write a statement for us to read about the situation in iraq, and get it to us by 3 pm, march 14, san francisco time. we would read your words to the crowd and on our video.

please help us get your voice and the voice iraqi gay, emo and goth people out to the world. send us a statement expressing your anger, demands, hopes, frustration, dreams, nightmares – what you feel is important to YOU.

we hope to receive a message from you before our vigil tomorrow.

thank you for telling the world on your blog about the terrible tragedy taking place in your country.

best regards,
michael petrelis
gays without borders

and here is the speech

We see you, they don’t

A comment from Benjamin from United States says we see you on all out website said the whole truth in one short sentence. And it is real that the whole world is seeing what is going on but the Iraqi government and the authorities. While the world is protesting against the brutality of these crimes the people in charge disgrace the victims. The Iraqi prime minister didn’t speak at all. The Shiiat leader says it is a strange phenomenon has a devastating influence and the head chief of Baghdad police says it is a revenge and honor killings. He didn’t even have a courtesy to call them crimes.

Sad, bad and unethical actions against innocent people all what they did are to be themselves. The heart of the humanity is bleeding for what is going on. They say they are not 100 people who get killed. Does it matter if they are 1 or 1000?

Killing is killing and this is a forcing for a stupid culture upon people who they are so peaceful. For how long these crimes will go without any punishment or even a small investigation? From gluing the rectum of the gays to smashing the Emo and gays with bricks, what next?

I ask you all to stand as one with us to safe the rest of humanity remained in Iraq. And to tell the Iraqi authorities that everyone has his freedom of speech and express himself as he believes.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being there for us


I really can’t thank you people enough

and want to say that anyone puts his hand in anyone of the Iraqi government hand will be agreeing on these crimes and supporting them.


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