All out and equality

Dear friend,

I just watched this video from All Out that remixes the latest speech of U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. It tells the story of the movement for all people to live and love freely, take a look!

The fact that such a high-profile leader has spoken out is momentous, but many key nations didn’t hear his call to act at all. A handful of member states in the United Nations Human Rights Council actually walked out of Ban Ki-moon’s speech in protest of LGBT rights.

If you believe in the message, help us get it the attention and the audience it deserves.

It’s hard to believe that seventy-six countries still criminalize being gay and 10 countries make being gay punishable by death or life imprisonment. But All Out, with help from its members and partners all over the world, is pushing for MORE change FASTER.

Join me and watch the video here: